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The essence of the Etrier brand is reflected in the passion of its designers: creating stylish and fashionable bags according to the ancient art of leather processing, as it is passed on from father to son. With a long experience in the trade and distribution of internationally renowned brands, our hunger for innovation was stimulated. The desire to bring our own creation to life opened new doors, which led to sustainable partnerships with reliable partners. Today, we can proudly say that Etrier is produced entirely in-house, from the first sketches to the actual production.

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Our brand name Etrier, which means stirrup in French, has an underlying meaning. Just as the stirrup balances the horse's rider, our bags harmonize an outfit and reinforce the wearer's identity. The same balance is also reflected in the perfect price-quality ratio of each of our bags and accessories, made possibly by a thorough selection of sustainable materials and the use of commercial prices.


Each season, Etrier releases an array of new collections, which embody a perfect combination of style and functionality. A fashionable accessory that can be worn at any time and in any situation. With more than ten years of experience in womens' bags, the brand also experiences an unprecedented success with a wide range of men's and business bags.
Etrier is constantly looking for new trends, unique materials and innovative designs, without having to compromise on the brands main characteristic : elegance. From the stitching to the lining, everything is designed to provide you with style and comfort.


Etrier strives to further develop and expand its presence, both in physical stores and on the web.

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